AELECH has successfully built a reputation on delivering powerful, reliable and efficient hardware tailored for each partner's needs.

AELECH thrives on challenges and its technology driven work culture makes the creation of innovative and impeccably designed TV boxes a streamlined and efficient process that ultimately benefits the partners, saving you money and trouble.

AELECH will build your idea wit your needs in mind throughout the whole process. From the board concept to the housing and RCU, up to packaging and branding, AELECH has it all covered and will adapt to your requirements.


① Come up with an original IDEA. And get in touch with AELECH team.

② Choose the BOARD and SPECS suitable to your Project.

③ Select the REMOTE and customize your LOGO on the remote control.

④ Opt between multiple HOUSING options or Design a new one.

⑤ Customize the PACKAGING. We will help with the BRANDING!

⑥ Bring your project to life and get the operation up and RUNNING!